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1001 Malam Performance Project (Kisah Seribu Satu Malam)

A collaboration between Liminal Theatre, Teatre Popular, and Insitut Kesenian Jakarta (IKJ).

After the highly successful 1001 Malam acting workshop in 2007,Slamet Rahardjo and Robert Draffin held three writing sessions in Jakarta during 2008 and 2009. Taking stories from the 1001 Nights and adapting them within traditional and contemporary Javanese contexts, Rahardjo and Draffin fused the classic Arabic tales with Javanese mythology and set them against the Tembang, a traditional Javanese song cycle.

The resulting text was rehearsed with actors drawn from all parts of Indonesia in May 2009 and was performed in June at Teatre Lewus, Jakarta. The production drew on traditional dance, singing and the Wayang Wong comedic style, developing a strong connection with contemporary Javanese theatre practice and performance. Kisah Seribu Satu Malam cemented an ongoing collaboration between Liminal Theatre and Teatre Popular - fostering a meaningful dialogue between tradition and modernity, and the exciting interface of differing cultures.

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Kisah Seribu Satu Malam was funded by the Australian Indonesian Institute, IKJ, Teatre Popular, and Liminal Theatre.

Project Information
Project Title: 
1001 Malam
Robert Draffin & Slamet Rahardjo
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Teatre Lewus